As we enter 2018, many of us are in the process of reverse engineering our growth goals for the coming 12 months. We know what number we want to hit at the end of this year. The only question is how do we get there? In a sea of opinions between the effectiveness of outbound prospecting vs inbound lead generation, it can be difficult to decide which strategy to pursue.

We believe that a healthy growth strategy incorporates both inbound and outbound, because they each have relative strengths. In this post, we will examine the 3 advantages of outbound prospecting vs inbound lead generation.

#1: More Targeted. There is no denying that outbound is more targeted than inbound. One of the first steps in creating an outbound campaign is coming up with a target account list. Because you control who you will be prospecting to, you can get as targeted as you want. Using modern tools like, you can easily find and verify the contact information for any decision maker on your target account list (and even automate your initial outreach).

Inbound lead generation does not offer such a granular targeting approach. While you can create targeted content and place it in channels where you believe your customers will find it, you can't be as proactive with your targeting. 

#2: More Predictable. When done properly, outbound is also more predictable than inbound. The key here is to develop a process that is consistent and measurable. This means that all of your outbound reps must be using the same process (the same emails, the same call flows, the same value propositions, etc). Otherwise, it will be very difficult to isolate variables and determine specifically what is working and what is not.

Once you have a consistent process in place, you can begin to measure results. The best companies can predict how many positive and negative responses they will receive from sending 100 emails or placing 100 phone calls. Knowing this conversion rate gives you the ability to create predictable revenue forecasts and reach your growth goals.

#3: More Scalable. Finally, outbound is the most scalable strategy for growth. When conducting inbound lead generation, there is a certain point where the next incremental lead becomes too expensive. Once all of the profitable inbound channels have been exhausted, the only way to scale and get more inbound leads is through expensive pay per click campaigns or other such channels.

With outbound prospecting, it is easy to scale into your total addressable market. After building a consistent and measurable process, all you have to do is send more emails and place more calls. These channels never dry up and never become prohibitively expensive.