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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you describe the service in more detail? 

Phone-based B2B sales prospecting (commonly known as "cold calling") is the service that we provide to our clients. If you have a list of "cold" sales prospects and you need an affordable method of qualifying those prospects and turning them into "warm" leads (appointments, scheduled demos, live transfers to your sales team, free trial opt-ins, webinar attendees, etc), we are here to help.

When you launch your campaign with us, you will receive a dedicated agent who is fully equipped with a state of the art predictive dialer system. We load the dialer with your prospect list, we train the agent on your script, and we start filling your pipeline with highly qualified sales leads.

How does pricing work?

There are many expenses that go into an outsourced B2B sales campaign. These include the following:

  • Agent(s) to place the sales calls
  • Predictive dialer (phone system) for the agents to use
  • TCPA and DNC compliance monitoring
  • Script development and revisions
  • Training and quality assurance
  • Dedicated outbound phone number (ANI/DNIS)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting

Rather than charge our clients for each individual item, we roll everything into one flat hourly rate. Simply decide how many hours of outbound prospecting you want per month, and we will deliver a quote that fits your needs.

To learn more, visit our pricing page.

Can you provide a prospect list for me?

If you already have a prospect list, that's great. We can definitely use it in your campaign, so long as you at least have a Name and Phone Number for each prospect on your list.

If you don't have a prospect list yet, we can help. Our partners have access to contact information for a wide range of contacts at over 30 million U.S. businesses. Many of them can drill down to very specific criteria to help you build a highly targeted list of prospects for your campaign. And since we send them multiple referrals, we can usually get you discounted pricing.

What exactly is a "sales lead"? How do you track them?

We use "sales lead" as an all encompassing term for a qualified prospect that has taken a step into your sales funnel. In that sense, a "sales lead" might be a live transfer to your sales floor, a webinar registration, a free trial opt-in, a scheduled demo, an in-person appointment, etc. When we design your campaign, you get to tell us what you consider to be a sales lead, and we will configure your settings accordingly.

As far as tracking goes, all of our reps use a cloud based predictive dialer that has extensive reporting functions. At the end of each day/week/month, we can provide you with the number of hours we spent on the phone, the number of calls we made, and most importantly, which of those calls resulted in sales leads. This system generated report is in .CSV format which makes it easy to upload into any CRM.

Do the call center reps speak English?

Yes, all of our call center reps are required to speak excellent English. We appreciate the responsibility that comes along with representing your brand over the phone to potential customers. You can rest assured that our reps demonstrate the outstanding communication and customer service skills that you would expect from your own employees.

In order to ensure that the quality of English meets your standards prior to beginning your campaign, you can review some sample voice recordings on the Outboundify Agent Network page. Simply let us know which agents you'd like on your campaign and we will begin training them right away (subject to agent availability).

What are the requirements to get started?

The only requirement is that your product is targeted to businesses (B2B) within the continental United States, as we do not prospect to household consumers (except in rare cases, please inquire) or businesses located in Alaska/Hawaii. However, not all businesses who meet this description are good candidates for our program. Generally, our best client candidates have an annual customer value of over $5,000 and an internal sales team of at least two people. If you meet these requirements and are looking to get started, the first step is to Apply to work with us.

Who writes the script for the calls?

The process of developing a script for the prospecting calls that we place on your behalf is intensive. To ensure that we represent your company in a way that reflects your values, we expect you to be very engaged in the process. Through an online survey and subsequent phone call, we want to understand the unique selling proposition of your product, your target customer profiles, and any important elements of your brand that should be included in our script development. You will have the ability to review and suggest any edits to the script prior to beginning your campaign.

How long does it take to get started?

We typically evaluate applications within 12 hours. Once an application is approved, the timeline to go live with your campaign is about 5 days. During this period, we will conduct a phone interview to learn about your product, develop a script, train your agent(s), and configure the predictive dialer for your campaign.

Are there any contracts?

All of our contracts are Month-to-Month with no cancellation fees or long term commitments. 

If you want to end your campaign, simply send an email to your account rep or at least 3 days prior to your monthly renewal date.

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