Qualified Leads

Fill your pipeline with Ready-To-Close sales opportunities.


How it works

Our team of high-caliber sales development representatives will execute a phone-based outreach cadence on your behalf.

Whenever we discover a prospect who is interested in your product/service and is qualified according to your unique criteria set, we pass their info on to you.

Stop wasting your time on cold calling, and let us identify ready-to-close buyers for you.


$15 - $60 per lead

Minimum Order

50 leads/month


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Custom Data

Inject your funnel with a high volume of targeted leads at an affordable price

  • Lowest cost per lead
  • Identify decision makers
  • Enhance your marketing list
  • Build your pipeline fast
  • Discover the tools, tech, and other data about your target prospects.

Up-Front Cost: $0.00

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Qualified Leads

Get custom generated sales leads, all phone-verified to pass a unique qualification set

  • Get granular with your leads
  • Contact decision makers
  • Qualify a unique criteria set
  • Build brand awareness
  • Great for generating webinar attendees, free trial opt-ins, and event registrations

Up-Front Cost: $0.00

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Scheduled Appointments

Connect with prospects who need your product and are expecting your call

  • Fill your calendar with demos
  • No more cold calling
  • "Pay Per Appointment"
  • Highest close ratio
  • Hand-picked leads to send to your best account executives for maximum ROI.

Up-Front Cost: $0.00


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